Members’ projects

This page provides links to projects of some RNA members.
Also, check the Advisors page to see what members of our Board of Advisors have been doing.

Carousel fish cropped 2Brent E. White

Brent is a retired Navy officer who teaches art and carves wildlife figures for merry-go-rounds, including several that feature endangered species. Some of his work can be seen at the Indianapolis Zoo and at Badlands National Park. He wrote a book for children, The Whimsical, Whistling Woodcarver: Rainbow Unicorn, and has posted several of what he calls “McGonagall” poems on the RNA Facebook site.

Websites by RNA members

Some of the websites created by RNA members include:

Meditations of John Muir book cover…..Atheist Spirituality, from Geoff Crocker

…..Zen Naturalism, from Frank Jude Boccio

Chris Highland

Chris Highland was a Presbyterian minister and served as an Interfaith Chaplain in the San Francisco Bay area for 25 years. He has taught short courses on World Wisdom and now teaches a class – A Wild Spirituality of Nature: On the Trail of John Muir and John Burroughs – at the College of Marin. He has written a series of books – Meditations on John Muir, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and others and he hosts the websites, Secular Chaplain and The Natural Bible.

Carl Axelsen

Tryon creek bridgeAfter retiring, Carl began volunteer work at environmental non-profit groups in Oregon. He became certified as a Master Watershed Steward and ran a local watershed stewardship organization. He was President of the Tryon Creek Watershed Council, and now leads a group that is seeking to replace a huge culvert/fish-barrier that has blocked anadromous fish from the urban Tryon Creek Basin for more than 80 years.


Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow

future-greatness-bannerMichael and Connie are hosting an online symposium titled, The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness. As they describe it, “The 55 Skype interviews (a veritable Who’s Who of pro-science prophetic inspiration) that make up this series can all be freely accessed for two weeks, beginning January 26, or you can purchase the entire set of 55 audios, videos, and transcripts for just $25.” Sign up information is available here. One of these interviews, a 3-way conversation with Loyal Rue on his book, “Nature is Enough” can now be seen via this YouTube link.

Lane Tracy 

River of Life - Lane TracyLane is a composer of many choral works, some of which include religious naturalist themes. He compiled some of them into a Missa Natura consisting of eight movements, which is scheduled to be performed by the choir of the UU Fellowship of Raleigh in April. Some examples can be seen in the theology area of his website. Lane has also presented a three session seminar on some of his ideas about religious naturalism. He lives in North Carolina.

Marshall Lewis

Marshall recently completed a post-graduate program in Religious Studies at the University of Otago in New Zealand. His final year of consisted of writing a paper: “The Atheistic Religious Naturalism of Goodenough, Crosby and Rue.” Marshall is now continuing tree-span from aahbeautiful bloghis studies at the PhD level; he is investigating “religious studies as a strategy for reducing conflict” and the role of religious naturalism in this vision.

Jeff Nechleba

Jeff has a blog, ahhbeautiful. Recent posts include a weltanschauung, celebrations of the winter solstice, the reason for the coloring of the leaves, and the energy of life.

Sam Guarnaccia
Chorus - Emergent Universe Oratio - Sam Guarnaccia
Sam’s website includes photo, audio, and video galleries plus descriptions and samples from compositions, including a Celtic Mass for Peace, the Emergent Universe Oratorio, and Children’s Peace Songs. For a start, you might check a choral performance – the third option at the video gallery: To See a World – Emergent, from the Emergent Universe Oratorio.

Maximus Thaler
At his website, Maximus describes himself as “a wandering scholar, artist, activist, chef”. Our reviewer particularly liked items in the Creations area, including wire sculptures and photography.

Maximus Thaler wire sculptureMichael Barrett
Michael Barrett wants to connect with religious naturalists in the UK. He has contacted some UK periodicals with a view to publishing articles or book reviews on RN, and has provided information about RNA to some groups in the UK. He has also written an article, “Religious Naturalism: An Idea Whose Time Has Come”. A copy is posted at in the Open Forum area of our sister website.

Roger Gillette
Speaking of the Open Forum, we also recently posted a piece by Roger Gillette. At age 97, Roger is our oldest membelynne_quarmby_arrestedr.

Lynne Quarmby
For folks who didn’t see the posting at, we’ll again mention Lynne Quarmby’s recent ecologic activism, where she was part of a group arrested in a protest to block the extension of a tar sand pipeline through Burnaby Mountain near Vancouver.

Caitlin + Peter Adair
Caitlin + Peter produce the Earth Story Calendar from their home in Vermont. As they describe it these includeAdair calendar 2015 “a description of our origin story, a marriage of scientific discovery and deep contemplation, in twelve installments, illustrated with stunning photos.”